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NCPA Analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate Tonight

October 4, 2016

National Center for Policy Analysis policy experts will be providing analysis during and after the next three debates, starting with the vice presidential debate tonight. To get the most out of tonight's vice presidential candidates' debate, follow and share NCPA policy experts on Twitter as they comment and offer real time analysis of this and the remaining two presidential candidates' debates. What should the candidates address? Our experts weigh in.

Health Economist and NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick writes:

Obamacare is failing. Numerous insurers are abandoning the exchange marketplace in 2017. More than three-quarters of the health insurance CO-OPs have failed. In remaining markets, premiums have risen by double digits. The only enrollees left in the exchange are those who are sick or getting a taxpayer subsidy. The next president needs to reform health care to work for everyone.

NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham says:

Obamacare premiums are crushing families and businesses, and it is getting worse. Enough reckless regulation driving up health costs. Post Obamacare, health spending devouring our economy. More government is not the solution. How will you shrink government control over health spending?

NCPA Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal:

The job of the vice-presidential candidates in the debate will be to essentially defend the presidential candidates.   It would be helpful for both vice-presidential candidates to defend Clinton\'s and Trump's tax plans and go into a bit more detail about how they expect those proposals to help job creation and GPD and income growth.  There are obviously stark differences between the candidates on the role that government should play in the economy over the next four years.

NCPA Legislative Dir. Brian Williams has several areas of concern:

NCPA worked with Sen. Kaine and others on the INFORM Act.  If elected, would a Clinton/Kaine administration disclose the TRUE cost of government?

NCPA was skeptical of the Indiana Medicaid expansion.  If elected, a Trump/Pence administration should focus on consumer driven health reform

The Vice President breaks tie votes in the Senate.  How would Mike Pence or Tim Kaine vote to break a tie on…

…Abolishing the Social Security Benefits Tax?

…the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal?

…an increase in the minimum wage?

…repealing Obamacare? 

NCPA Senior Fellow David Grantham has several concerns:

The VP candidates must explain how to defeat Radical Islam -- they could be Commander-in-Chief. They must do a better job articulating solutions for military spending. I'm also hoping to see the VPs agree that energy independence and a resilient electric grid is a national security priority. 


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