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Hillary's Economic Plan Will Cost Americans Jobs and Income

August 31, 2016

NCPA Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal writes for The Federalist:

Several weeks ago, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Warren, Michigan laying out her plans for the economy should she become president. She asked four questions of her audience, of which the first was: "Which candidate has a real plan to create good-paying jobs?" Evidently, not Hillary Clinton.

Her plan for taxing the rich to create a "fair"" economy looks like a populist\'s dream on paper, but two National Center for Policy Analysis studies found that her economic plan would simply continue along the same dismal track of the current administration -- except worse. Her effort to redistribute income will mean hiking capital gains taxes for high-income earners, imposing a 30 percent effective tax rate on households earning $1 million or more (the "Buffet rule"), and a 4 percent surcharge on multi-millionaires.

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