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Eight Thousand Non-Health Jobs Lost In May

June 6, 2016

The true scope of last week's miserable jobs report was disguised by the headline figure of 38,000 jobs gained. In fact, health services added 46,000 jobs while civilian non-health, non-farm employment dropped 8,000. The warping of our economy towards the government-controlled health sector has crossed a tipping point.

Health services jobs grew by 0.3 percent over the month. Half of that growth was in ambulatory settings, especially offices of physicians. Hospitals accounted for over one third of health jobs growth. Laboratories, outpatient care centers, residential mental health facilities, elderly community care, and other residential care showed no or very low job growth. Over the last twelve months, health services jobs grew almost twice as fast as other jobs, comprising one fifth of all job growth. Care for the elderly is moving out of nursing homes and into community care, reflected in very significant growth in home health. Nevertheless, the pace of job growth for ambulatory and hospital jobs has been about the same over the last twelve months. It is not clear there has been a secular evolution in favor of ambulatory care.

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