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New CEO Wants to Make NCPA America's Think Tank

July 1, 2015

Allen West, the new CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, has a simple idea for reshaping the conservative Dallas-based think tank: he wants to brand the NCPA as "America's Think Tank" by making their research and opinions understandable to the Waffle House crowd.

Dennis McCuistion, who had stepped in as interim CEO, believes that West's experience, particularly in national security, will broaden the center's reputation beyond health care.

West's three-year goals are:

  • Build a donor base of $8 million.
  • Ask for 10,000 people to donate $25 to $50 a month.
  • Raise $1.5 million in the next year.

West, 54, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and former Republican congressman from Florida, hit the ground running. In six weeks West has accomplished years of work:

  • Given more than 50 speeches.
  •  Increased social media outreach.
  •  Stepped up newsletter frequency.
  •  Implemented a weekly video recap of the going-ons at the NCPA.

West became a second lieutenant in college and spent 22 years in the military. After retiring in 2004, he was a civilian military adviser training Afghan troops. In 2010, Allen was persuaded to run for Congress and won.

"I'm not from the Dallas area, so I had no clue about what went on previously, and I really didn't care," he says. "There are people saying, 'Ah, let's see what the new coach will do before I start being a booster again.' I thoroughly understand that. I look forward to that challenge."

Source: Cheryl Hall, "New CEO Wants to Make NCPA America's Think Tank," Dallas Morning News, June 28, 2015


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