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Affordable Care Act Could be Repealed by the Next President

March 24, 2015

The House Budget Committee has voted on a budget resolution and the Senate Budget Committee is debating a budget resolution that shoots for the sky with respect to health reform. Their proposals recommit the Republican majorities to patient-centered health reform and show a path forward for the next president.

However, they do not harvest some low-hanging fruit offered by President Obama. Failure to do so might doom patient-centered health reform to the forever future.

  • Both the House and Senate budget resolutions repeal Obamacare. It is important Congress vote to repeal Obamacare whenever appropriate, so the American people know the so-called Affordable Care Act (still unpopular), will be replaced by the next president.
  • The House budget resolution re-affirms the "premium support" model for Medicare, starting ten years hence. "Premium support" means health plans would compete to offer Medicare benefits.
  • The House Budget Resolution reforms federal Medicaid funding from open-ended transfers to block grants to states. This means the federal government transfers a fixed amount of money to each state.

The Republican majorities\' budget resolutions are very good, which we look forward to seeing in legislation signed by the next president in 2017. Until then, Congress should not ignore the low-hanging fruit dangling in front of it.

Source: John R. Graham, "Congressional Budget Resolutions Shoot for the Sky; Miss Low Hanging Fruit," National Center for Policy Analysis, March 23, 2015. 


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