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Delaying Keystone Means More Carbon Emissions

February 16, 2015

The Keystone XL pipeline bill is heading to the president's desk for his signature -- or his veto. Doug Hochberg and Sang Kim of the American Action Forum have broken down the numbers on the Keystone delay. The result? Higher carbon dioxide emissions and fewer jobs.

According to Hochberg and Kim:

  • Americans have been waiting for 2,338 days for approval of the pipeline.
  • There are 40,000 construction jobs waiting in the wings -- all they need are the president's signature.
  • Congress has passed 9 bills approving the pipeline or trying to speed up the approval process.

Much opposition to the pipeline has centered on environmental objections, despite that the president's own State Department has indicated the pipeline would have no impact on carbon pollution. As long as the project is delayed (thus requiring oil transport via rail car), 7.4 million additional tons of carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere.

Source: Doug Hochberg and Sang Kim, "Keystone XL in the President\'s Court," American Action Forum, February 12, 2015. 


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