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2015 Obamacare Enrollees Receiving Higher Subsidies

January 6, 2015

Obamacare's second year of open enrollment began on November 15, 2014. Enrollment runs through February 15, but those seeking coverage starting January 1 had to apply by mid-December. What does enrollment look like this year? Writing at the NCPA Health Policy Blog, Senior Fellow John R. Graham analyzes the new crop of enrollees:

  • The Congressional Budget Office originally estimated 13 million enrollees in 2015, but the Department of Health and Human Services has reduced those estimates to 9.1 million.
  • Two-thirds of those who enrolled in 2014 automatically enrolled in the same plan for 2015, despite premium savings elsewhere.
  • More 2015 enrollees are receiving government subsidies than did their 2014 counterparts -- 87 percent of enrollees in 2015 are receiving federal subsidies, compared to 80 percent in the early enrollment months of 2014.

What does the rise in subsidies mean? While there are fewer people enrolling in Obamacare than expected, taxpayer costs may not decrease due to the higher levels of subsidies, says Graham. 

Source: John R. Graham, "Open Enrollment in Obamacare\'s Second Year: Early Lessons Learned," NCPA Health Policy Blog, January 5, 2015.


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