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Wasted Tax Dollars in 2014

December 30, 2014

Did the government spend your tax dollars wisely this year? Kelsey Harris of the Daily Signal has compiled a list of seven wasteful spending projects funded by tax dollars in 2014. These include:

  • The government spent $804,254 to develop a smartphone game to instruct parents to convince their children to eat new, healthy foods.
  • The Department of Defense overpaid $3.3 million for radios that it provided to the Afghanistan army.
  • $10,000 was spent to monitor how quickly saltmarsh grass grows.
  • The government spent $10 million to create a video game that requires the characters to eat healthy foods in order to escape from a town populated by obese residents.
  • The federal government spent $400,000 in tax dollars to transport foreign journalists to different American breweries and distilleries.

According to a recent Heritage Foundation report, the federal government spent a whopping $3.5 trillion in 2014. For more on government waste, see Senator Tom Coburn's  (R-Okla.) "Wastebook." Each year the Senator releases a compendium of wasteful Washington spending. This year's Wastebook noted the government spent $387,000 on Swedish massages for rabbits and $1 billion to destroy $16 billion worth of ammunition.

Source: Kelsey Harris, "7 Ridiculous Projects the Government Spent Your Tax Dollars on This Year," Daily Signal, December 29, 2014.


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