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Pushing the Energy Boom Forward

November 12, 2014

America's shale boom has provided a remarkable boost to the otherwise sluggish U.S. economy. According to Mark P. Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, the oil and gas sector has added $300 billion annually to U.S. GDP, along with 2 million new jobs; without such strong oil and gas performance, Mills writes that the United States would have seen zero, or even negative, growth for the last several years.

With a new group of legislators taking over in 2015, what can be done to keep the boom going? Mills offers four suggestions:

Mills contends that Congress must peel back the rules that limit the ability of the energy sector to grow.

Source: Mark P. Mills, "Keep The Shale Boom Rollin' With A Congressional KEEP Energy Act,", November 10, 2014. 


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