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November 4, 2005

What should the United States do in the face of the widening policy gap with Europe?Several things, says historian Victor Davis Hanson. He recommends:

  • Withdraw as many American troops from the Continent as is not injurious to the global responsibilities of the United States; that will remind the Europeans that anti-American rhetoric has consequences and the present relationship must end for both our sakes.
  • Allow dissident Europeans to enjoy fast-track immigration to the United States; welcoming folks from Europe will send a powerful reminder to European elites that there were reasons their own people left their shores in the first place.
  • Cultivate friendships with eastern European countries and encourage stronger relations with countries that have signaled shared interests with the United States -- like Britain, Denmark, Holland and Italy.
  • Rely more on our ties with Japan, Taiwan, India and Australia -- whose democratic societies, confident populations and legitimate fears of a China armed by Europe equal our own.

Source: Victor Davis Hanson, "How Wide is the Atlantic?" American Enterprise, October-December 2005.


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