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Is Congress Afraid to Support Obama's Climate Plan?

July 17, 2014

Last week, President Obama said that Congress was afraid to support his Climate Action Plan for fear of political backlash, but empirical data shows that Congress is right to remain skeptical of his climate agenda, write Brett D. Schaefer and Nicolas Loris, fellows at the Heritage Foundation.

While global warming advocates have spent years predicting skyrocketing temperature rises and warming-related disasters, those predictions have not been borne out:

  • Actual atmospheric warming between 1979 and 2012 is only half of that predicted by climate models -- models upon which the president's Climate Action Plan is based.
  • Additionally, the models provide no explanation for the pause in warming that the globe has seen since the late 1990s.
  • The United Nations predicted in 2005 that the world would have 50 million refugees by 2010 due to climate change. There have also been indications that biased U.N. scientists have manipulated climate change data.
  • Weather-related disasters such as hurricanes and floods have not increased on climate timescales, according to scientist Roger Pielke, Jr.

Furthermore, the costs of constraining greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would be massive. According to a report from the Heritage Foundation, the EPA's coal regulations would cost the United States 600,000 jobs, and families of four would lose $1,200 in annual income.

Finally, Schaefer and Loris note that unilateral American action would constrain the American economy while doing nothing to help warming on a global scale.

Polls of the American public routinely show that climate change sits at the bottom of the priority list, and a recent United Nations survey indicates that Americans are not alone. The survey, which solicited responses from respondents in nearly every country around the globe, gave individuals a list of 16 issues and asked them to pick six that were most important to them and their families. Climate change ranked last.

Source: Brett D. Schaefer and Nicolas Loris, "Obama's Climate-Change Deceptions," National Review, June 30, 2014.


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