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Six Important Upcoming Supreme Court Rulings

June 25, 2014

The Supreme Court has several cases to decide as it comes to the end of its term, many of which are controversial. USA Today identifies some of the more significant cases to look out for:

  • A Pepsi bottler from Washington is challenging decisions by a federal labor board which included members appointed by President Obama without Senate confirmation. Obama claimed lawmakers were in recess during the appointments.
  • A Massachusetts law creating 35-foot buffer areas around abortion clinics is being challenged on First Amendment grounds, as the buffer keeps protesters away from patients. While the Supreme Court upheld a Colorado buffer law 14 years ago, the zone was only 8 feet, and the case was a close one.
  • Can companies with religious objections be forced to offer contraceptive coverage in their employee insurance plans? The Court will decide. While the Obama administration has exempted churches and religious non-profit groups from the contraceptive mandate, for-profit companies have received no such exemption.
  • Aereo, an Internet startup, streams television programing over the internet with antennas, a model which threatens all major broadcasting companies and costs just $8 to $12 per month. Aereo streams the programming without paying retransmission fees. The court will decide whether Aereo's business model is legal.
  • Can police search a suspect's cell phone for data without a warrant? Currently, officers can conduct limited searches upon arrest, and the Court will decide whether that limited search includes cell phone data.

The Supreme Court heard 70 cases this term.

Source: Richard Wolf, "Eight big cases await Supreme Court rulings," USA Today, June 23, 2014


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