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Which States Will Generate Jobs in 2014?

January 8, 2014

The United States is expected to generate 2.6 million jobs in 2014, says Stateline.

  • Of the new jobs projected for 2014, Moody's Analytics projects that almost 572,000 of them will be added in Texas and California, with 176,000 in Florida and 77,000 in Arizona.
  • Western states are expected to have especially high growth rates: Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and Utah are five of the top 10 states expected to see the highest rate of growth due to home construction, high tech and aerospace investment, and trade with Asia.

The fastest growing jobs nationwide are the fields of health care and construction.

  • Home health aides are the top growing jobs in California, Ohio and Utah, while Idaho and South Carolina will need registered nurses and physical therapists through 2020.
  • In Florida, cement masons, construction project managers and carpenters are the hottest jobs.
  • Registered nurses and retail store workers are in the highest demand in Colorado.
  • In New York, biomedical engineers and event planners are expected to be in demand through 2020.

North Dakota remains the fastest job creator in the United States due to its energy boom with a 3.6 percent growth rate, followed by Arizona, which grew at a 3 percent rate last year.

Texas already replaced all of its job losses from the recession in 2011, and the state should add 308,000 new jobs this year.

Source: Pamela M. Prah, "Which States Will Generate Jobs in 2014?" Stateline, January 7, 2014.


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