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Enterprise-Friendly Cities

November 19, 2013

Cities play a pivotal role as drivers of America's economy by creating and sustaining the local ecosystem for innovation, competitiveness and productivity through enterprise-friendly policies that create jobs, enhance economic development and build prosperity, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

A growing body of research buttresses the assertion that pragmatic leaders at the city level can take on the issues that Washington will not, or cannot, solve. Enterprise-friendly policies at the city level can indeed facilitate local economic growth by supporting entrepreneurs and mobilizing effective partnerships for improving the conditions for business and job growth. Working together with businesses, city leaders can bolster expansion into national markets and exports to reach global markets.

City policies and practices that will help strengthen our free enterprise system -- the system that has served as the foundation of America's prosperity and the only system capable of creating the jobs we need for the long haul --are those that do the following:

  • Allow businesses to grow and thrive.
  • Free businesses from excessive taxes, unnecessary regulations and onerous local government processes.
  • Focus government on the critical tasks that are the foundation of economic opportunity, such as infrastructure and protective services.
  • Help educate, cultivate and equip the next generation of young entrepreneurs and the workforce of the future.

Enterprising cities use policy inputs, well-designed community programs and economic development best practices to create an environment where free enterprise creates jobs and prosperity. Economic prosperity creates fiscally sustainable local governments capable of supporting the infrastructure and workforce that free enterprise needs.

Source: Praxis Strategy Group and Joel Kotkin, "Enterprising Cities: A Force for American Prosperity," U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, September 2013. "Enterprise Programs: Freeing Entrepreneurs to Provide Essential Services to the Poor," National Center for Policy Analysis, August 2011.


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