NCPA - National Center for Policy Analysis

Global Warming Primer: Second Edition

September 13, 2013

The National Center for Policy Analysis rereleased its global warming primer with updated graphs and information.

  • The publication presents a factual analysis of the state of the climate, the threats posed by global warming, and the implications and results of the possible responses to warming.
  • Presented in a graphical format, the primer is useful for readers from middle school through adulthood who want to understand what scientists and economists know about the earth's climate and what changes might mean.
  • Divided into three sections, using peer reviewed data, the global warming primer first examines simple facts about the earth's climate and what the temperature evidence shows; second, it explores various threats posed by global warming, from increased hurricanes to polar bear loss and everything in between; third, it presents various estimates of the costs of preventing warming and its potential harms.

"Today's global warming policies have no connection to climatological reality," says NCPA Senior Fellow H. Sterling Burnett, who compiled the facts and graphs presented in the primer. "Excuse the expression, but most opinions about global warming are nothing more than hot air. What this debate needs is fresh air, and the second edition of the NCPA Global Warming Primer provides it."

Source: "A Global Warming Primer: Second Edition," National Center for Policy Analysis, September 2013.


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