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Index of States' Standing on Big Labor

September 12, 2011

Two public policy organizations have joined together for a new initiative that aims to help taxpayers hold government unions accountable, says OneNewsNow.

  • The "Big Labor vs. Taxpayers Index" is the collaboration of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Crossroads GPS.
  • They say it gives policymakers, members of the media, the business community and the public a "clear picture" of the union powers and privileges across the states.

"What we did is take each state's collective bargaining laws, binding arbitration laws, paycheck protection laws, [and] open meeting laws, and we had up to 11 points, which equal to about 1,100 data points that we ranked each state on whether they were for big labor or they were for the taxpayer," explains Trey Kovacs, a CEI labor policy analyst.

  • Utah, Tennessee and Texas were found to be among those most favorable to taxpayers.
  • New York, Illinois, Minnesota and New Mexico prove to favor big labor.

Source: Chris Woodward, "Index of States' Standing on Big Labor," OneNewsNow, September 6, 2011.  "Big Labor vs. Taxpayers Index,", September 2011.

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