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Hybrids Cost Most to Repair

May 12, 2011

Americans love cars, especially when they're running well and not in the shop.  When our veteran vehicles do need repairs, a behind-the-scenes company called Corp. collects statistics from garages and dealers nationwide on the repaired parts, the costs of these jobs and where they were performed.  After nearly 14 years of compiling this data, the company recently issued its first Vehicle Health Index, says Scientific American.

  • The report, which states that the average age of an automobile on the road today is 10.6 years old, summarizes about 250,000 fixes and diagnostic trouble code scenarios for 1996 and newer foreign and domestic vehicles in the United States.        
  • Hybrid autos accounted for two of the top 10 most expensive repairs in 2010.        
  • This includes installing a new hybrid inverter assembly (about $7,000) or a new battery (about $2,700).

Source: Larry Greenemeier, "Hybrid Owners Pay the Most for Car Repairs Nationwide, Report Says," Scientific American, May 9, 2011.

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