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End Public Funding for Political Campaigns

February 8, 2011

Government expenditures on election campaigns are an unnecessary burden on taxpayers that do nothing to reduce the influence of special interest money in politics.  The solution is to end all tax-paid subsidies for the political class, including public funding for presidential campaigns and party conventions, says the Washington Examiner.

The House of Representatives passed a bill that would do just that last week.  Not only would it save the Treasury $617 million over 10 years, but it would also put an end to the quadrennial porkfest that public financing creates for consultants and other professional election vendors who get involved in presidential primary campaigns.

Public presidential financing also has little popular support:

  • In 2010, only 7.3 percent of tax filers checked the box on their 1040 forms that authorizes $3 to go into the presidential matching fund.
  • Even worse, the presidential subsidy forces taxpayers to subsidize the largely symbolic major-party conventions.

Source: "No More Taxpayer Subsidies for Campaigns," Washington Examiner, February 3, 2011.


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