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Unions Get Good Deal under ObamaCare Waivers

January 31, 2011

The Department of Health and Human Services announced last week it had granted more than 500 new waivers to ObamaCare's requirement that health plans have annual limits of no less than $750,000, reports the Washington Examiner.

  • The reason these exemptions from the law are needed is that ObamaCare forces all health insurance consumers to overinsure themselves and pay high premiums as a result.
  • Without the waivers, many companies, nonprofits and unions would simply drop their health plans.
  • As of 2014, the waivers will no longer be available.

It is worth noting that there are 166 union benefits funds now exempted from this requirement, which account for about 40 percent of the exempted workers, says the Examiner.

Source: David Freddoso, "Unions make up 40 Percent of Employees Exempted from ObamaCare," Washington Examiner, January 27, 2011.


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