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Report Finds Baby Boomers to Gain Most From Health Care Reform

December 15, 2010

America's Baby Boomers may be poised to benefit the most from health care reform, a new report shows.

  • Some of those gains will come right away, such as the elimination of restrictions on people with preexisting conditions.
  • Others, such as no more lifetime limits on health insurance and subsidized coverage through health insurance exchanges, are slated for 2014.

Devon Herrick, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis, is worried that these forthcoming changes could skew the system for the worse, says U.S. News and World Report.

"The age cohort with the highest medical costs -- and, incidentally, more money -- are the ones that stand to get subsidies," he said.  "The other half they're getting the subsidies from are those paying taxes or 22-year-olds.  My fear is that those who are young and healthy will [decide to] pay the penalty because they can always sign up when they're sick.  If no one signs up except those that are sick, the cost could go up."

The report predicts that 18.3 million men and women in the Boomer generation will gain some kind of benefit from the act, including 6.8 of 8.6 million uninsured gaining coverage and 1.4 million who already have health insurance picking up better benefits.

Source: "Report Finds Baby Boomers to Gain Most From Health Care Reform," U.S. News and World Report, December 14, 2010.

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