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Point Person: NCPA's John Goodman on Health Care

September 20, 2010

There has been no real attempt by either party's leaders to explain to Americans what the health care bill really does, says John C. Goodman, president, CEO and Kellye Wright Fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA).  

  • From the White House, we hear only about the benefits and nothing about the costs.
  • From the critics, you hear about the costs, but nothing about the benefits.


  • We will insure about 32 million more Americans.
  • We will make it easier for people with health problems to get insurance.
  • Millions will get more generous health insurance and most people will get access to preventive care with lower out-of-pocket costs, says Goodman.


  • This bill does not create any new doctors, nurses or paramedics.
  • This happened in Massachusetts after they passed a health bill: They cut their uninsured rate in half, but they didn't create any new doctors.
  • Now the waiting time in Boston to see a new doctor is twice as long as in any American city, and more people are going to emergency rooms for nonemergency care than ever before.

The results in Massachusetts are an indication of what's to come for the country as a whole, but it will likely be even worse.  Massachusetts didn't have that many uninsured people to begin with.  Across the country, the uninsured rate is higher.  The demand for care will outstrip the ability to provide it and people will go to the emergency room as a last resort, says Goodman.

Source: John C. Goodman, "Senate Point Person: NCPA's John Goodman on Health Care," Dallas Morning News, September 17, 2010.


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