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June 16, 2010

A new study says nearly 40 percent of Connecticut's Medicaid recipients smoke, and urges the state to offer smoking cessation programs to those residents. 

According to researchers at the Connecticut Public Health Policy Institute: 

  • The state pays about $507 million yearly for smoking-related health care for its Medicaid clients.
  • Massachusetts has cut smoking among its Medicaid population by 10 percent yearly since it started offering smoking cessation help in 2006 to those recipients. 

Further, smoking rates in Connecticut are the highest among veterans, people diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse problems, and those with less education and lower incomes. 

Source: Study, "In Conn., 40 percent using Medicaid smoke," Boston Globe, June 6, 2010; based upon: Judith Cooney et al., "Examining Tobacco Use, Consequences and Policies in Connecticut: Smoke and Mirrors?" Connecticut Public Health Policy Institute, April 28, 2010.

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