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June 10, 2010

An official investigation conducted by the Obama administration -- and unanimously approved by departments of Defense, State, Justice and Homeland Security, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence -- has concluded that, contrary to what the political Left wanted Americans to believe, most of the Gitmo detainees are very dangerous individuals. 

Other findings: 

  • Of the 240 detainees at Guantanamo when Obama took office, roughly 10 percent played a direct role in plotting, executing or facilitating terrorist attacks against U.S. targets.
  • Another 20 percent had significant organizational roles within al-Qaeda or associated terrorist groups, including individuals responsible for overseeing or providing logistical support to al-Qaeda's training operations in Afghanistan, facilitators who helped move money and personnel for al-Qaeda, and well-trained operatives who were being groomed by al-Qaeda leaders for future terrorist operations.
  • Another nearly 10 percent occupied significant positions within the Taliban regime or insurgent networks implicated in attacks on coalition forces.
  • About 55 percent were rank and file foreign fighters with varying degrees of connection to al-Qaeda, but who lacked a significant leadership or other specialized role.
  • Only 5 percent did not fit into any of the above categories. 

The task force's report was finished in January, but the White House knew that releasing it as the president's deadline to close Guantanamo came and went would have been a public relations disaster, says Marc A. Thiessen, a visiting fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. 

Last month, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to bar construction of the military detention center in Thomson, Ill., where the Obama administration wants to transfer many Guantanamo detainees.  The House Armed Services Committee has approved a similar restriction.  The killers held at Guantanamo are not coming stateside anytime soon.   And if the conclusions of the Obama administration's Guantanamo task force are to be believed, that is good news for America, says Thiessen. 

Source: Marc A. Thiessen," Where Are the Gitmo Goatherds? " American Enterprise Institute, May 31, 2010. 

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