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December 2, 2009

Vermont could save $80 million by offering school choice and other measures, according to a report from the Ethan Allen Institute.

For example:

  • Vermont is spending $250 to $300 million more than it should on education, with only average results to show for it.
  • The number of teachers, administrators and staff has gone up while the number of students has gone down.

The report says virtual learning, charter schools and public school choice are needed to cut costs.

"We believe the best way to do this is to go for choice, a free market where schools would have to compete for tax dollars.  We believe of course that public education should be free, but to be provided by schools where students and their parents want them to go," says commission chair Chris Robbins.

The group's report will be one of several presented to lawmakers who are reviewing the financing and effectiveness of Vermont's education system.

Source: News Report, "Group Says School Choice Will Save State Millions,", November 30, 2009; based upon: Commission on Rebalancing Education Cost and Value, "Better Value, Fewer Taxpayer Dollars," Etahan Allen Institute, December 2009.

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