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August 6, 2009

If Massachusetts were covering the uninsured for less than $800 a pop, as former Gov. Mitt Romney suggests in his op-ed, "Mr. President, What's the Rush?" July 30, 2009, in USA Today, then the health reforms he signed in 2006 would truly be a model for the nation.  Yet data from the very watchdog organization Romney cites (the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation) indicate something different, says the Cato Institute.

For example:   

  • The Massachusetts reforms cost more than five times what Romney claims, because the state pushed more than 80 percent of the cost off-budget, and onto private individuals and the federal government.
  • In fact, "RomneyCare" covers a family of four at a cost of at least $27,000 -- more than twice the average cost of employer-sponsored coverage ($12,680).

Romney is correct that President Barack Obama has the wrong prescription for health reform.  But that's because Obama's approach is Romney's approach, says Cato:

  • Like Romney, Obama would have government force people to purchase health insurance; control the content, terms, and price of "private" health insurance policies; expand Medicaid; and create new government subsidies and bureaucracies.
  • Like Romney, Obama would push most of the cost off-budget by imposing mandates on states and private individuals -- which constitutes a huge tax increase on the middle class.   

ObamaCare, like RomneyCare, is socialized medicine with a private facade, says Cato.

Source: Cato Institute, "On Health Reform, Massachusetts Is the Model," Cato Institute on facebook, August 5, 2009.

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