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July 10, 2009

Despite claims to the contrary, President Obama is looking to nationalize health care in the United States eventually.  But there are ways to make the system better without fatally harming it by government control, says John C. Goodman, President, CEO and the Kellye Wright Fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Goodman, who has extensively studied the British health care system, says Americans should do everything possible to prevent a remake of the U.S. system into the British model.

If a person is healthy, Goodman says, nationalized health care is not a threat; it is when you are ill that the system is a risk to your long-term well-being:

  • Britain's national health board has determined that a year of life is worth $35,000.
  • If a life-saving drug or procedure would cost more than that, the British health care system can deny a patient that treatment, he explained.

All over the world there is a problem with rising health care costs; it's not just in America.  But the Left only knows two ways to control costs and that is to squeeze the doctors and deny care to the patients, Goodman says.  That is all they know because they don't believe in incentives.  They don't believe in markets.  They don't believe in entrepreneurs.

Instead of a government controlled system, Goodman recommends health care reform that:

  • Allows individuals to determine their own medical care.
  • Creates insurance that is patient-centered and can be taken job to job by an employee.

Free market competition, not government intervention, is the solution to the nation's health care troubles, Goodman says.

Source: Dwayne Hastings, "Health care: Competition, not govt. control," Baptist Press, July 9, 2009.

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