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July 22, 2008

In a huge document released last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lays out the thousands of carbon controls with which they'd like to shackle the whole economy.  Thankfully none of it has the force of law -- yet, says the Wall Street Journal.

The mess began in 2007, when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Mass. v. EPA that greenhouse gases are "air pollutants" under current environmental laws, despite the fact that the laws were written decades before the climate-change panic. 

The EPA's 588-page "advance notice of proposed rulemaking" lays out new mandates for everything with an engine: 

  • There's a slew of auto regulations, especially jacking up fuel-efficiency standards well beyond their current levels, and even controlling the weight and performance of cars and trucks.
  • Carbon rules are even offered for dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and lawnmowers.
  • The EPA does not neglect planes and trains either, and includes rules for how aircraft can taxi on the runway.
  • Guidelines are also proposed for boat design such as hulls and propellers.

The limits are so low that they would apply to hundreds of thousands of sources, as the EPA itself notes. 

The report also says the EPA expects that the entire country would be in nonattainment. That's why the global warmists have so much invested in the EPA's final ruling, which will come in the next Administration, says the Journal.  Any climate tax involves arguments about costs and benefits; voting to raise energy prices is not conducive to re-election.  But if liberals can outsource their policies to the EPA, they can take credit while avoiding any accountability for the huge economic costs they impose.

Source: Editorial, "The Lawnmower Men," Wall Street Journal, July 20, 2008.

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