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July 2, 2008

Chicago residents now face the highest sales tax in the nation, at 10.25 percent, and are forced to pay more to buy just about everything.  On Tuesday, a 1 percent sales tax hike approved by the Cook County Board for its 2008 budget went into effect , says Joanie Lum of CBS 2 Chicago. 

A sales tax of 10.25 percent is significantly higher than the sales tax in neighboring counties and other major cities:

  • By comparison, the sales tax in the nearby Lake and Will counties is 7 percent, and in DuPage County, it's 7.25 percent.
  • The next highest rate in the country is in Memphis at 9.25 percent.
  • New York, Los Angeles and Dallas all have a sales tax of less than 8.3 percent, Phoenix has a tax of 6.3 percent, and Denver's sales tax is only 3.6 percent.

The hike is not sitting well with consumers or businesses:

  • Businesses are concerned that consumers will leave Cook County to make purchases.
  • Some businesses outside the county are capitalizing on the opportunity already, by posting large advertisements that say customers will not have to pay Cook Country sales tax.
  • Some residents of Palatine have been so upset by the tax hike that they have even talked about seceding from the county.

Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica (R-16th) plans to introduce a measure to repeal the sales tax at the next County Board meeting in mid-July, but he predicts getting his proposal to pass will be a challenge.  The Civic Federation also said the tax should be rescinded.

Source: Joanie Lum, "Cook County Tax Hike In Effect, Businesses Furious,", July 1, 2008.


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