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Consumer Spending

September 14, 1998

Look for American families to more than double their spending on entertainment and communications over the next decade, according to a forecast by Paul Kagan Associates. A Kagan spokesman commented that entertainment has come to be viewed in the U.S. "as something between a constitutional right and a utility."

  • The typical household will spend more than $4,200 in 2007 on movies, newspapers, sporting events and all forms of entertainment and communications.
  • That compares to spending of just $1,900 last year.
  • Print will still dominate media with $205 billion in revenue then -- compared to $122 billion now.
  • The Internet will show the fastest growth, soaring about 26 percent a year to $63.1 billion while wireless phones will generate $112 billion, up from $33.5 billion.

Cable and satellite television will grow more than 10 percent a year to generate $91.2 billion in 2007 -- passing the combined revenue for movie theaters, home video, video and computer games, entertainment merchandise and recorded music.

Source: David Lieberman, "Families to Spend More on Fun," USA Today, September 14, 1998.


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