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Examples Of School Choice

December 30, 1996

An increasing number of local school districts are deciding to risk the wrath of local teachers' unions to implement elements of school choice.

  • The Lake Travis school district near Austin, Texas, is offering $3,000 stipends for student tuitions at private schools -- $1,700 less than it now spends annually on each student -- to help solve its overcrowding problems.
  • The Houston, Texas district is contracting with a private school to accept 190 children, also in an effort to alleviate overcrowding.
  • A school board in Chittendon, Vermont is expanding the state's school choice program by allowing local students to attend a Catholic school -- an action which is likely to wind up in the Supreme Court as its first school choice case.
  • The school district in the Jersey City, New Jersey, suburb of Lincoln Park wants to provide parents who are dissatisfied with the low test scores at local public schools with scholarships to private schools.

School choice programs or proposals are also receiving heightened attention in Ohio, Minnesota, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Source: Editorial, "Give Choice a Chance," Wall Street Journal, December 30, 1996.


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