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Gaining Support For Choice

August 28, 1996

Although polls differ, surveys show the private school option is steadily gaining support nationwide.

  • A poll conducted for Phi Delta Kappa, a professional education group, reported that a majority of respondents rejects allowing parents to choose a private school at public expense -- 61 percent to 36 percent.
  • This was down, however, from its 1995 survey, which found 65 percent opposed to 33 percent in favor; and considerably changed from 74 percent opposed to 24 percent in favor in 1993.
  • Another survey -- conducted by USA Today, CNN and the Gallup Poll -- found Americans favored vouchers by 54 percent to 42 percent.

Source: Tamara Henry, "Widening School Choices," and "Many Reject Using Taxes for Private Education," both USA Today, August 28, 1996.


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