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New Jersey Launches Charter Schools

August 30, 1997

Next month, 13 charter schools will open in New Jersey. The state is one of 31 that have adopted charter school laws allowing parents, teachers and community groups to organize and operate public schools paid for by taxpayers, but independent of local school boards.

  • In 1996, the first year that New Jersey accepted applications to organize charter schools, 37 were submitted and 16 were approved.
  • Of the 16, three schools will open in the fall of 1988.
  • New Jersey's law allows as many as 135 charter school -- with at least three in each of the state's 21 counties.
  • Several of the new applicants are planning partnerships with private companies to provide curriculum, computers and even teachers -- a trend that educators report is catching on with charter schools nationwide.

Experts say partnerships with private companies are alluring to charter organizers, since the companies can raise money and help organizers deal with the local education bureaucracy.

Source: Abby Goodnough, "School Experiment Pending, and New Jersey Plans More," New York Times , Saturday, August 30, 1997.


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