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October 24, 2007

The Northeast, mainly New Jersey and New York, remains the area with the highest property taxes on homeowners, according to the Tax Foundation.


  • Northeast states also have high per capita income; the highest property tax bills, in terms of dollar amounts, are usually found in the areas with the highest incomes.
  • As for the percentage-of-home-value measure, counties in New Jersey and New York still dominate as they tend to impose the highest property tax rates on homeowners as well.
  • The top states in median real estate taxes paid in 2006 were: New Jersey ($5,773); New Hampshire ($4,136); Connecticut ($4,049) and New York ($3,301).
  • The lowest were: Mississippi ($437); West Virginia ($422); Alabama ($328) and Louisiana ($179).
  • Meanwhile, Texas (1.86 percent); Wisconsin (1.74 percent); Nebraska (1.70 percent) and New Hampshire (1.63 percent) paid the lowest as a percentage of median home value.

The Tax Foundation has long published historical data on property tax collections compiled by the Census Bureau's Government Finances division.  However, such data includes not only taxes paid by individual homeowners, but also property taxes paid by businesses, as well as some special types of property pertaining to minerals or fuels found mostly in a handful of states, such as Texas, Wyoming and Alaska.

Source: "New Census Data Shows Where Property Taxes Hit Homeowners Hardest," Tax Foundation, September 12, 2007.

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