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October 19, 2007

Height significantly affects a person's perceived quality of life, physical and mental health -- and short people are getting the wrong end of the stick according to research published in the Clinical Endocrinology journal. 

According to researchers:

  • Height was linked to thoughts on health, and shorter people believed that their health was worse than their taller peers, even though this wasn't the case.
  • People in the shortest height category (men shorter than 162 cm and women shorter than 151 cm) reported they experienced worse health than people of normal height.
  • Additionally, the report's authors found that the shorter you are, the worse your health analysis became.

"However, the relationship between height and psychosocial well-being is not well understood. Although our study does not show that short height directly causes a reduction in physical and mental health, it does indicate that short people are more likely to feel that they experience a lower health-related quality of life," researcher Torsten Christensen said.

Source: "Height affects thoughts on quality of life,", October 17, 2007.


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