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October 15, 2007

Mothers in British Columbia are having a baby boom, but it's the United States that has to deliver, and that has some Canadians blasting their highly touted government health care system, says Fox News.

Canada's system, hailed as a model by Michael Moore in his documentary, "Sicko," is hurting, government officials admit, citing not enough money for more equipment and staff to handle high risk births.  According to Michael Turner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute:

  • About 1 out of every 7 Canadian physicians sends someone to the United States every year for treatment; neonatal intensive care units in Alberta and Ontario have also been stretched to capacity.
  • The cost of these airlifts and treatments, paid to U.S. hospitals by the province under Canada's universal health care system, runs upwards of $1,000 a child.

"I think it's reasonable to think that this is a trend that would continue and we have to prepare for it and increase the number of beds to deal with perhaps the new reality of the number of premature babies and newborns needing a higher level of care in Canada," said Adrian Dix, a British Columbia legislator.

Source: Sara Bonisteel, "Canada's Expectant Moms Heading To U.S. To Deliver," Fox News, October 10, 2007.

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