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August 23, 2007

According to a recent report in London's Telegraph, cancer survival rates aren't the highest in England, Scotland, Canada or Cuba.  They're the highest in the United States.

For females:

  • The U.S. five-year survival rate from 2000 through 2002 was 62.9 percent.
  • Iceland was close behind at 61.8 percent, followed by Belgium at 61.7 percent.
  • England was down at 52.7 percent and Scotland at 48 percent, both lower than Malta and Slovenia, with rates of 54.6 percent and 52.9 percent respectively.

For males:

  • The U.S. survival rate was 66.3 percent.
  • Then came Sweden at 60.3 percent and Iceland at 57.7 percent.
  • With a rate of 44.8 percent, English men can't have much confidence in their system.
  • Neither can Scots, at 40.2 percent.

Source: Editorial, "The Plot Sickens," Investor's Business Daily, August 22, 2008; and Nicole Martin, "UK Cancer Survival Rate Lowest in Europe," August 21, 2008.


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