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May 17, 2007

The National Association of chain drug stores estimates more than $3 billion retail prescriptions were written in 2005 with an average cost of a prescription just under $65, but new Internet sites offering discount coupons are easing the cost you pay at any pharmacy, says

At one site -- -- the savings were pronounced:

  • The site offered a $70 discount for asthma medication Advair, a $10 discount for allergy remedy Zyrtec and a free trial for the sleeping pill Lunesta.
  • In all, the site offers 75 leading pharmaceutical companies in the top 15 therapies from blood pressure to diabetes, the report said.
  • Overall, deals on can cut the cost of co-pay fees by as much as $30 or more.

"There is a reason why your doctor has prescribed a certain medicine," says David Harold is a veteran Michigan pharmaceutical executive."  And ideally, if we can help keep that patient better afford that medicine they're more likely to stay on that medicine and they will have better health outcomes."

Source: Editorial, "Internet Site Eases Pharmacy Costs With Discount Coupons,", May 17, 2007.


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