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March 15, 2007

Just as Galileo and Einstein transcended the "consensus" of their day, so too will a growing body of scientific evidence eventually vindicate non-alarmist views on global warming, says Fred Singer, adjunct scholar with the National Center for Policy Analysis, professor emeritus of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia and president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project.

A new book co-authored by Singer and Dennis Avery entitled, "Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years," says much of the discussion on global warming has ignored key points.  For example:

  • A 1997 survey of U.S. state climatologists found that 90 percent agreed with the statement that "scientific evidence indicates variations in global temperature are likely to be naturally occurring and cyclical over very long periods of time.
  • One of the extraterrestrial factors frequently overlooked in global warming science is the sun itself; although it was thought at one time to be a "constant star," the sun in fact has periods of variability that impact the earth's climate.
  • Satellite and high-altitude weather balloon observations show that -- contrary to what has been widely reported -- the lower atmosphere is not trapping lots of additional heat as a result of higher CO2 concentrations.

"The earth continually warms and cools," Singer writes in the book.  "The cycle is undeniable, ancient, often abrupt and global.  It is also unstoppable.  Isotopes in the ice and sediment cores, ancient tree rings and stalagmites tell us it is linked to small changes in the irradiance of the sun."

Source: Kevin Mooney, "Scientist Calls Global Warming Theories 'Bunk,' Cites Errors of Logic,", March 15, 2007.

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