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March 6, 2007

A new documentary, directed by filmmaker Martin Durkin, rejects the concept of man-made climate change, calling it "a lie ... the biggest scam of modern times."

The truth, says Durkin, is that global warming is a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, created by fanatically anti-industrial environmentalists, supported by scientists peddling scare stories to chase funding, and propped up by compliant politicians and the media.   

According to one of the filmmaker's experts, paleontologist professor Ian Clark of the University of Ottawa:

  • Global warming could be caused by increased activity on the sun, such as massive eruptions.
  • Ice-core samples from Antarctica show that, in fact, warmer periods in Earth's history have come about 800 years before rises in carbon dioxide levels.

Clark's findings appear to contradict the work of other scientists, who have used similar ice-core samples to illustrate that raised levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have accompanied the various global warming periods.   

"The fact is that (carbon dioxide) has no proven link to global temperatures," says Durkin.  "Solar activity is far more likely to be the culprit."   

Scientists in the documentary cite what they claim is another discrepancy involving conventional research:

  • Most of the recent global warming occurred before 1940, after which temperatures around the world fell for four decades.
  • They view this as a flaw because the worldwide economic boom that followed the end of World War II produced more carbon dioxide, and therefore should have meant a rise in global temperatures -- something he says did not happen.

Source: Al Webb, "Global warming labeled a 'scam,' " Washington Times, March 6, 2007.


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