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March 14, 2005

Scientists who raise even the slightest skepticism over global warming are being vilified by their peers, according to Allen McRae.

Skepticism and debate is nothing new in the scientific community, but the witch hunt for global warming naysayers is both unprofessional and unscientific, says McRae:

  • When Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg challenged the misallocation of resources to global warming, his book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist," was censured by as being "dishonest" by the Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty.
  • Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics wrote a review disputing the "hockey stick" graph and they were attacked in EOS, a journal published by the American Geophysical Union.
  • When researchers Jan Veizer and Nir Shaviv authored a study showing a correlation between global temperatures and cosmic ray intensities (thereby questioning a manmade effect), they were also given "special attention" by EOS.

The criticism levied on Soon and Veizer was not the usual protocol of the scientific community. Critics of their research should have addressed the articles in the journals in which they were written and not in EOS. Furthermore, the authors were not given advance notice to respond to such attacks, says McRae.

Source: Mick Hume, "Drive-by Shootings in Kyotoville: The Global Warming Debate Heats Up," The Science & Environmental Policy Project, February 12, 2005.


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