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Economy Prompting Job, Career Switches

August 1, 1997

The number of workers leaving jobs voluntarily is up sharply from last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment specialists say job-holders feel that if they ever wanted to work someplace else or even take up new careers, now is the time to do it -- given the current low unemployment rates.

  • In June, 12.2 percent of those counted on the unemployment rolls were classified as "job leavers" -- up from 9.9 percent in June of 1996.
  • Employment specialists are advising their employee-clients to move and change jobs during the next three to five years if they want to increase their income.
  • Unemployment, now at a 24-year low, is expected to remain at 5 percent when July figures are released today -- with the rate for those with a college degree at only 2 percent.
  • Experts say the Internet has greatly improved the job-search process and the rise of temporary staffing is allowing many workers to experiment in jobs and careers.

Source: Ellen Neuborne, "Strong Economy Makes Climate Right to Take Risks," USA Today, August 1, 1997.


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