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April 21, 1998

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped nearly 12 percent in the first quarter of this year. Economist Lawrence Kudlow credits what he calls "three economy-wide tax cuts that have occurred in the last 18 months" for the stock market's powerful surge.

Here are the three factors:

  • With inflation dropping from near 3 percent to about zero, effective tax rates -- particularly unindexed capital gains taxes -- and interest rates are lowered, increasing after-tax economic returns.
  • The cut in the federal capital gains tax rate last July, from 28 percent to 20 percent, has encouraged people to invest and helped drive up stock prices.
  • The nearly 30 percent decline in oil prices since late 1996 has led to huge cost reductions for businesses and consumers -- as well as generating greater productivity and higher returns.

Kudlow notes that many economists under-predicted economic performance during the last several years, failing to take such factors into account or under-weighting them. These pleasant realities lead him to predict a 10,000 Dow by the end of this year, and 11,500 by year end 1999.

Source: Lawrence Kudlow, "What's Feeding the Ballistic Bears?" Washington Times, April 21, 1998.


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