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A Gold Plated Outhouse

October 9, 1997

Reports say the National Park Service spent $333,000 to design and build a two-hole outhouse with no running water at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in eastern Pennsylvania. The outhouse is described by critics as a Taj Mahal among privies:

It has a gabled slate roof, cottage-style porches, a tapered cobblestone masonry foundation in the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright and an interior design color-coordinated with the green of the surrounding hemlocks.

The capstones that serve as porch railings are made of limestone quarried in Indiana, the clapboard siding is one-inch cedar and slate for the roof was imported from Vermont. Also, the earthquake-proof building boasts a 29-inch thick foundation wall.

Source: Reuters, "U.S. Park Service Spends $333,000 on Outhouse," October 9, 1997.


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