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United Nations Out Of Fiscal Control

November 3, 1995

With few exceptions, the United Nations' present record is one of corruption, incompetence and waste. The United States - which pays one-quarter of the organization's annual operating budget - has been withholding $1.2 billion, demanding greater financial accountability.

  • Despite doing no work, 39 U.N. officials are kept on the payroll at salaries of up to $150,000 a year.
  • Numerous "retired" U.N. officials - drawing full pensions in the high five figures - also have lucrative consulting contracts drawing six-figure fees.
  • The Secretariat in New York spent over $40 million for travel in 1992-93 - not including millions for travel spent by dozens of other U.N. agencies around the world.
  • The U.N. Trusteeship Council continues to function and spend millions - despite the fact that there are no longer any trust territories.
  • The U.N. continues to employ hundreds of typists whose functions are obsolete in the age of the personal computer.
  • Some reports from the Office of Conference Services are five to seven years behind schedule - while printers take twice as many sick and vacation days as other workers and are paid 40% more.
  • Some officials are suspected of or charged with diverting millions in funds, arranging illegal loans, diverting donated food, and running call-girl operations out of offices.
  • More than $1 million worth of goods and $670 million worth of vehicles have disappeared and remain unaccounted for.

Source: John A. Barnes, "U.N.: A Runaway Gravy Train?," Investor's Business Daily, November 3, 1995.


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