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March 1, 2005

The Blue Dog Coalition, a group of 35 moderate and conservative Democrats committed to solving the growing fiscal problems facing our country, unveiled a new 12-Step Reform Plan aimed at curtailing deficit spending. With deficits and debt on the rise each year, Blue Dogs assert that the only way to get our nation's fiscal house in order is to fundamentally change the way Congress budgets taxpayer dollars.

The Blue Dogs' 12-point Reform Plan for Restoring Fiscal Sanity includes:

  • Holding increases in spending for the next three fiscal years to 2.1 percent.
  • Requiring a roll call vote on all bills costing more than $50 million and whenever Congress raises the debt ceiling.
  • Setting money aside for clearly defined emergencies.

Blue Dogs believe if American families and business owners must strive every month to live on a balanced budget at home, the government should do the same. Americans make sure they can pay for things before they buy them and the government should be held to those same standards.

Source: Press Release, "The Road To Recovery: The Blue Dog 12-Step Reform Plan to Cure the President's Addiction to Deficit Spending," United States House of Representatives, February 16, 2005; and "CAGW Commends Blue Dog Democrats' Fiscal Reform," Citizens Against Government Waste, February 17, 2005


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