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Hugh Price (Urban League): Blacks Need Self-Reliance

August 13, 1997

Some black organizations are beginning to emphasize economic achievement, rather than quotas, as the road to true racial equality. One such organization is the National Urban League -- with 114 affiliates in 34 states and more than two million members.

Its national leader, Hugh Price, recently expressed these thoughts:

  • When blacks were released from rural slavery, they started colleges and businesses, and in the city they established barber shops, grocery stores and hotels to serve their own communities.
  • These self-help economic endeavors came to pass under the leadership of Booker T. Washington -- a tireless advocate of education and promoter of black economic independence.
  • The traditional civil rights movement was about knocking down barriers and pushing into employment and politics -- rather than focusing on becoming full-time players in the economy.

Price supports the charter school movement and voucher schools -- characterizing urban public schools as failures.

Source: Jason L. Riley, "Return to Self-Reliance," Wall Street Journal, August 13, 1997.


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