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October 30, 1995

While some whites undeniably harbor racist sentiments, the broad mainstream of white Americans supports and applauds the achievements of black Americans.

  • Blacks are among the richest and most popular figures in the sports and entertainment world.
  • Between 1973 and 1994, current dollar revenues of the top 100 black-owned industrial companies rose from $473 million to $6.7 billion - plus another $4.9 billion if auto dealerships are included.
  • After controlling for age, IQ and gender, the average black fulltime worker actually earns 1% more than his white counterpart.

Since married men of all races earn some 30% more than single men, the figures when corrected for this factor show that black men have a dramatic edge in earnings over white men.

Source: George Gilder, "The Roots of Black Poverty," Wall Street Journal, October 30, 1995.


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