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November 27, 1995

The Republican governors of Virginia, Montana, New Hampshire and Alabama have said, "No, thanks," to federal education funds offered under the Goals 2000 program. California's Governor Pete Wilson may also reject the program.

Goals 2000 encourages states to adopt "voluntary federal standards" to qualify for new federal grants. What the governors don't like is federal intrusion into state education systems and potential interference with state authority -- as well as the strong whiff of political correctness in the materials.

  • If a state signs up and takes Goals 2000 money, compliance is no longer voluntary.
  • The language in the federal agreement uses the command "will" 45 times -- and the verb "should" only three times.
  • The Goals 2000 English project was suspended after spending more than $900,000.
  • A subcommittee voted to replace the phrase "standard English" with the words "privileged dialect."
  • The "outline" for the world history standards runs to 314 pages -- longer than many textbooks -- and is said to emphasize everything except the foundations of Western culture and thought.

Source: Editorial, "Education Bait and Switch," Investor's Business Daily, November 27, 1995.


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