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More Spending To Be Included In Budget

December 21, 1998

White House aides say President Clinton is determined to include a number of new programs in his budget request for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2000. They would further his favorite domestic priorities in whatever time he has remaining in the White House.

Most of the proposals would be for initiatives that Congress rejected earlier.

  • The budget reportedly will include an increase of well over $10 billion in defense spending -- less than the Pentagon wanted, but apparently enough to settle a budget dispute between budget officials and the military.
  • Also likely to be included would be a tax credit for families paying for child care.
  • Funds for school construction and a series of environmental tax breaks designed to curb emissions are probable.
  • Other possible initiatives include new incentives for lenders to make credit available in needy communities, new tax benefits for employers to improve the basic literacy skills of poorly educated workers and a special tax credit for disabled workers to help them pay the costs of getting and holding a job.

Measures to find work for unemployed or low-income fathers with child support obligations might be included, along with help to states seeking to bolster their unemployment-insurance systems.

The exact cost of the proposals has not been decided yet.

Source: Jacob M. Schlesinger and Thomas E. Ricks, "Clinton Budget Plans Include Aid to Workers," Wall Street Journal, December 21, 1998.


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