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Good Teachers Would Win Under School Choice

January 12, 1999

Education analysts wonder why good public school teachers aren't more supportive of the movement to introduce school vouchers to promote private schools and the competition they would bring to the teaching profession. Under such a system, school choice advocates say, dedicated teachers would at last receive the rewards they are currently being denied by public school bureaucracies.

Here are some of the benefits they could expect:

  • Exceptional teachers would realize financial benefits and achieve professional recognition, since private school administrators would seek them out and hire them.
  • Public school administrators would have to learn to please such teachers -- or risk losing them.
  • This would afford teachers the license to become innovative in the classroom and the leverage to become active in shaping the curriculum.
  • In a less bureaucratic environment, teachers' ability to obtain resources would be greatly enhanced.

Finally, the freedom created by school choice would allow a teacher to choose to work at a certain school because of its emphasis on the teacher's specialty.

Source: Kevin Watts (New Jersey public school teacher), "Teachers Should Be Pro-Choice," Wall Street Journal, January 12, 1999.


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